I hope everyone had a good weekend!  I know mine was jam packed with good stuff. Hello cake batter blondies and snickerdoodle pancakes.

Some family  came in to visit this weekend, meaning the most adorable baby in the world paid a visit with his very gorgeous mommy.

Just look at that face!

This is my oh-so-handsome baby cousin.  He is a little over 8 months old and I absolutely love him to pieces 😀  ..End baby gushing

Now, I know nothing could ever be more exciting than that precious baby boy but in other news, the sister went to prom this weekend.  Unlike myself, my sister is blessed with arguably the worlds best metabolism so naturally she looked absolutely killer in her dress.

Lookin' sexy

This is my lovely baby sister and her date for the evening (boyfriend in real life ;])

Watching my baby sister go to prom makes me miss all the fun end of high school events that go on.  Personally, I absolutely adored my senior prom.  I had the fabulous dress and the fabulous date.  It was most definitely one of the best nights of my life on record.

One notable recipe from the weekend. I made Gracie’s Cake Batter Blondies this weekend for the fam.  I haven’t yet figured out how to establish the link out to her page but once that happens, the proper credit will be given to her blog, I swear.  I’ll post the recipe later this week, but let me just say they were absolutely delicious.  The boyfriend approved, so that’s how you know I’m not lying.

Currently, I’m writing this blog post from the living room couch whilst my mother and sister geek out over the season finale of Desperate Housewives.  To say they have an obsession would be an understatement.  Have a good night everyone!