Long time no blog. I could make excuses but I really don’t have any. How about a weekend recap? This past weekend I up and went to Erie this weekend for some quality time with Anthony.



This guy makes my heart so happy and fills me with so much joy.

No pics from Friday night.Ā  We were out dancing and I never even thought to snap a pic. To much fun.

Lots of lazy down time this weekend on the couch watching football. It’s those little moments that mean so much. Some how I got roped into cooking dinner in exchange for a froyo trip šŸ™‚ I went with my standard chicken mushrooms


So good!

It was all worth it for some of this šŸ˜€


Pumpkin and Eggnog with rainbow sprinkles, kitkat, twix, and passion fruit bobas

A trip to the casino followed and if I learned anything its that I will never be a gambler šŸ˜‰

Sunday was full of more laziness and football and cuddles and goodbyes.Ā  Its always hard to say goodbye to someone. I try my hardest to hold on to the memories made and loom forward to the next time.


This morning I’m completing surveys for the campus. Boring stuff but the extra
money is nice.

I wonder how many times I’ll start over until I finally get it? Remains to be seen:)