So far January 2013 has taught me some new things.  First off, let me say it’s a miracle that I’ve written twice in a month.  Hell must be freezing over at this point.  Now back to those things

1. Remembering to take pictures of what you eat is a lot more difficult that it actually sounds.  I can’t even remember how many times I ate something and then immediately thought “Damnit, why didn’t I snap a picture of that.” Case in point, I was determine to participate in “What I Ate Wednesday” this week but this was the only picture I remembered to take.  Must work on this.


Happy toast.

2. Trying to figure out what the majority of the buttons of the WordPress dashboard actually mean is extremely challenging.  Trying to figure out how to obtain buttons located on other blogs is equally as challenging.  I thought the hardest thing I had ever done was went to nursing school but then I tried to become more technology literate, fail.

3. This guy will always make me happy even when I don’t think it’s possible.  I find the ability to make someone else laugh such a desirable quality in a human being.  Laughter is so infectious, dare I say poisonous but in a good way.


Blurry but it’s the best I got

4. Remember that point I just made about laughter.  Well I can always use a bit more of it in my life and this girl does a great job of putting a smile on my face.



Box car anyone?

5.  I will be spending my life at this place during school this semester.  Hopefully I can make some big life decisions before the G-word gets here.


L & D

6. Today it kind of hit me that there are a million different things I can be doing with my life this time next year.  I don’t know where I will be, who I will be working for, or if I will be working.  Will I still talk to my current friends? Maybe I’ll be in graduate school and maybe I won’t.  I’m just trying to keep in the back of my mind that there is so much opportunity out there.  I know what I want.  I know who I want and I just need to go and find it.

Xoxo. Megan